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Hi Gwenny, I'm sorry, it seems like you've already tried my suggestions. I really sympathize with you b/c I've had severe sciatica where I couldnt sleep either. I couldnt sit, stand, or lay down. Actually laying down was even worse for me one time. I contemplated putting pillows all around and trying to sleep standing in a small closet it got that bad. I've tried the heat, ice, different positions, I have all kinds of body pillows for use with back problems and none of them worked. If you need to take something thats over the counter, it would be better to take ibuprofen or aleve, rather than tylenol b/c the first 2 are anti-inflammatories. However, in my experience nothing over the counter did anything for sciatica. And neither did percocet and vicoprofen only muted the pain slightly after taking it for a while. You might want to see a spine specialist or a pain management doctor. I wish I could offer you some other advice but I've found nothing that really helps either. I only get relief once I have an ESI.