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I agree with everybody, that med and dosage is way too much and is very scary. I hope she is okay, and I hope she post as soon as she can.

I went up to 40 mg of oxycontin slowly. I was on 1-2 tablets of 5/500 vicoden for about 5 years, and took it for migraines and back pain. Then I was on vicoprofen for tmj/neck and shoulder pain for 6 months and instead of taking it occasionally, I needed it every 4-6 hours. I was also on ultram er 200 mg, I did not feel that it ever helped. Eventually I was taking too much ibuprofen, and the pain was not under control. Also my pain got worse, and my pain seemed to increase and move as my fibromyalgia and myofascial pain got worse. Also I was waking up at 3-4 am in horrible pain, and was crying till the vicoprofen kicked in. My doctor then switched me to 20 mg o.c., and I took a long time to think about this. There is so much bad stuff out there, and my husband was not a fan about o.c. I actually asked god for help, and I felt my decsion was made with his help. The hesitancy was gone, and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

20mg, I am not sure why, but was not enough, and my doctor moved me up to 40 mg. It worked and I was so greatful. It was a miracle, I have about 5 hours a day where I can do stuff and get things done. I never felt high or anything else but pain relief. I am not sure what my future brings with pain control, but for right now I am ok, and my pain level is about a 4. I still have bad days where the pain is much worse, and I can take vicoprofen for breakthrough pain.

I hope the original poster called her doctor and is on a lesser pain medication. I hope she is ok, and takes our stories and advice.