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Thx, Ex~
It really does, and honestly, I love it that I dont have to play "guess" with my meds. It takes a huge amount of concentration for me in my business lifestyle, and I couldnt be happier.
some other compound pharms may be different, though. I have never asked anything about my meds because they work! IF they didnt, IM pretty much of a detective dog, and id be all over it.
Im very, very fortunate. I can also say that compound meds, to ME, are alot more pure, and stronger than reg meds from the pharmacy. There is a HUGE difference.
Also, Ex...I had a problem with my first compound meds b/c there was yellow dye in the caps, [i cant take norco b/c of the yellow dye, or ANY med. such as thyroid, ect] and she took out the yellow, and I've been fine.
Compound meds Are a hidden gem....For instance:
My doc wrote me a script for 240 vicoprofen a month. My cost at a reg. chain pharmacy was $598.00 WITH Blue Cross...
My cost for 15 mg hydro., 120 a month at the compound is $96.00 plus shipping.
thats ANOTHER reason I use the CP.