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Hey Camp...
I just noticed....why cant you take vicoprofen for your b/t? I tOOK vico 7.5/200. cant you try that instead of the 7.5/500? It would be easier on your liver...Im using the comp. phar. for those now at a wayyyy better price with no fillers.

Art...I cannot live around taking pills, either. Thats one reason I switched to the patch. If my caddy reaches in my bag for a snot rag, and the camera catches you, and you are being discussed for your crappy shot :D:D:D then thats not a good thing.:eek:
I take my b/t meds with me. Im VERY discreet when I have to take them, and honestly, very careful. Only about 3 ppl know about my CP other than my family, and thats how it should be. [for me anyway]

Pepper~ There have been times Id die to have them, and could take them, so my advice is TAKE them IF you need them. Thats why you are given them. Im going to honestly try to cut back a bit on mine next month, if I can. I figure the least the best if I dont need them.

Eva~ Welcome to the boards!

Jill~ Ella should carry the suitcase. I can hear you burning rubber from here:D:D:D. Go Ella Go!

Tx mom~ My vicoprofen 7.5 for 240 a month WITH BCBS was 520.00 NO lie. I havent met my deduct. IM about 600.00 short. That is CRAZY, and I see ppl getting their meds for $4.00 ahead of me in line. It makes my blood boil.
Thats another subject...ppl probably think "well you can afford that..." but honestly? I cant, nor will I. thats crazy. And my compound pharmacy gives them to me, NO fillers, No anything, pure Hydro 240 for $96.00 a month.
Its better than the other option. Dont get me started on our health care system. Ever.

PEPPER~ I wasnt trying to hi-jack your thread....:p