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I have not tried anything LA.
Other than oxycodone and (hydrocodone,which I seem to tolerate just fine without any fogginess) I have only had darvocet(worthless) and demeral which also did not help after a discogram.
I just remember when I asked my doctor if I could take 3 vicoprofen per day he said that was reasonable but if I needed to increase that again he would look into methadone. Please, no offense to anyone taking methadone, but I was so naive then that I thought of Anna Nicole Smith and clinics and heroin, etc. It's just recently with uncontroled pain that I have researched this medication a bit more and have more respect for it as a possible analgesic.
My fear of it has kept me from going back to my doctor to this day, but I really can't take this constant unrelenting neck and upper back pain much longer. I can't afford surgery right now, and even if I could, I have 2 differing opinions from neurosurgeons on whether I should even go there.
I also really have no idea how to approach my doctor about this. I certainly don't want him to think I'm just looking for drugs or something. I just don't want to contunue to ruin my stomach or liver with advil or tylenol.