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Hi everyone~
Sorry I didnt post sooner, but I just got back tonight from taking the neighborhood kids and mine to see the new Narnia movie. I forgot the title. It was great to take them all on the drive and hear them yakking, and then to the movie for a great escape. Its so nice to get out. Ive been in alot this week.

Anyhoo, I saw didnt get to see my doc, but I called him as he told me to do today, he said that when I get back in town to come in and we will just start over with a new approach. The drive is far, but it will be worth it Im sure. He said to quit worrying that hes going to ever drop me, because it will never happen.

He said that they have a PM doc down where he is now, and maybe he will refer me to him to see if he can better help me, or that maybe they can work together If I prefer. that way, he said the PM doc can help him with things that maybe he hasnt understood or has overlooked because hes not a PM doc. He said he could still be my doc and write my PM scripts, if the other doc wants, and that they would work together on getting me better pain relief. He said it will be my choice.
Also, Im going to see an osteo when I get back as well.

My neck and back/shoulder are just getting worse. Also my golf swing is really being messed up and I try to compensate, and then the other side hurts as well.
Its time to get things fixed. Hopefully that will happen, and I wont have to have surgery.

He told me that oxycontin brand is terribly expensive, so he gave me 2 weeks worth of oxy 10 mg, to take 2Xdaily my patches if I need them, and some b/t vicoprofen. He aplogized and said he felt that hed let me down. I told him all I want is a plan, approtiate meds so we dont have this confusion and undermedicating making going on, and Id be very happy.

His plan for my return is to do compounded oxy in a LA form, and also to d/c the patches. He was told my old pharmacist yesterday when he called in my vicoprofen that he may want to find another alternative to the patches. He stated that even though they have been able to keep some in stock ect, that they are getting harder to get and keep in stock. I could hug that guy because I have been wanting off of those things now for a while.

So thats about it. Im excited to have a concrete plan, and some face to face time when i get back. I was in tears on the phone about leaving town with my pain not covered at all. He always tells me that I anticipate the pain too much and that causes more pain. I told him that he really may have no idea how I feel because that is the furtherest from the truth. I have pain all of the time. there is NEVER a morning I dont wake up with it. For the last 3 years its been that way. I always wake up hoping I dont have it not that Im going to. Id love to be out of pain.
anyway, just thought Id drop a line to let everyone know that theres a plan. thank you again to everyone who posts and supports me. My schedule has changed a bit, and im hoping to get into see him in about 10 days. Im really excited!

p.s. oh, and Jono? I took him a gift box of Jonny Walker Black Scotch. a big one. Its the last I could have done for interrupting his move. He had left the script for me in their house on the table, because they were moving and he said he didnt know if hed be there when i got there, and just to go on in. If thats not trust, I dont know what is. Besides their fat 50 lb: cat was guarding the place. Im kind of scared of him:D:D:D:D [the cat.]