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Ok, I have been dealing with chronic pain since last September, and chronic migraines now for years. For the chronic migraines, I used to take maxalt, vicoden, and ibuprofen. This was for years, and for most times I would take 1/2 or 1 vicoden if it was bad, and then I grew more tolerent, and it would take 2, and this has probably been for 10 years now. Then in September, my tmj flared up, and it has been a year now and it has not stopped. I am in a particually terrible flare up, horrible, barely talk it hurts so bad, and I cannot do anything but think about my pain. I have been on the same medications since last September, valium, and vicoprofen (like vicoden, except it has ibuprofen), and then in February, I moved to Long acting med, o.c. 40 mg 2x daily, it helped some, but I never felt the pain go away, and continued to take vicoprofen for breakthrough. I never felt I responded well to oxycontin,so I asked to decrease to 20 mg o.c. 2x daily, they gave me percocet last September and it did not work as well as hydrocodone for me, but I am in extreme pain and I have been in extreme pain for 4 days now. What do I do? I need more help. I see my facial pain doctor tomorrow, I have to travel 2 hours to see him, but he is not my prescribing pain doctor. I have a pain contract with her.

I need more help, I need some relief, I need a break from this pain. I am unable to take care of my house, and it is not helping my marriage (I am not sure he understands what chronic pain feels like). He is frustrated with our house, and I have 2 small boys to take care of, they are 2 and 5. I stay at home, and really need help.

As I explained my pain management regimine, and my tolerence, should I make an appt to meet my doctor today? Should I call my facial pain doctor, and have him talk to my prescribing doctor? I feel I can not take another day. My face is getting worse, from the condyle being dislocated, discs gone, other condyle almost worn down to nothing, migraines, trigemal neuralgia, myofascial pain, muscle spasms, and fibro. I need help getting through this terrible flare up, can anybody tell me what the right thing to do is? **REMOVE***. Please help. Should I just try and bear it?

Thank you for your time,