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Hey, I had my tonsils out at the end of March. I was on panadol every 4 hours, codeine every 6, and vioxx every 12. I also had the antibiotics. Maybe your pain meds needto be upped?

The more food you get down, the better yourpain control I think. As sopon as my pain killers would kick in, i'd eat toast and as much as I could-it scrapes the stuff off at the back of your throat. I'll copy and paste what I wrote in another post:

Good foods are nothing too hot (in both terms), too freezing (although iceblocks are fine) or too citrusy. I found toast, couscous, mashed potato, mashed vegies, quiches, iceblocks, stewed apple (or apple sauce), flat lemonade, pikelets, pancakes, crumpets and soft noodles.

Good things that helped me-Strepsils with anaesthetic-these were good before swallowing pills at night as that would be a really sore time. I also used difflam throat spray-it numbs your throat and feels good.

Chewing gum is good also-promotes saliva flow which makes you heal faster apparently.

Yoghurt if you can handle it is supposed to be great, because the antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well as the bad in your stomach and if you can boost them, it's a great idea.

Hope that helpes, hang inthere, it will get better. It's a healing pain remember.