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Mine got really bad around the first of June 2003 -
lived with it and thought it would get better by
itself, but after not sleeping for more than an
hour at a time because my arm started hurting I went
on June 25. I didn't have the cortisone shot because
I had just had one in March for something else and
my doctor was reluctant to give me another. I love
cortisone shots - in fact when I had my first one
I asked him how often I could get them. I've only
had three but they seemed to instantly cure what
ailed me. The first one was for shoulder pain, I
have arthritis in my shoulder, that was in the fall
of 2001. While I was there I told the dr. I needed
refills on all of my allergy medication because it
was fall and my sinuses were acting up. He told me
the shot would help shrink my sinuses and behold
it did. The last one I had was in April 2003 for

I was given a rx for naproxen (hate Vioxx, supposed
to give the least problems and the only one that
gives me problems) told to get a elbow brace - I
got the one with the air cushion and to rest my arm
as much as possible. Well..........since it is my
right arm it is hard to rest it completely and live.
I eat with my right hand, blow dry my hair, brush
my teeth etc.etc. just daily living things.

Some of the things I still can't do without pain
are unload the dishwasher and put the dishes up.
Take a load of laudry out of the washer and put
in the dryer, open my car door, drive my husbands
stick shift, vacummn the floors (unless I do it
with my left hand (that's awkard for me), sleep
with my arm straight, roll my hair - just any
thing that requires my elbow to straighten out.

I am thinking of going back to the dr. this week -
am really tired of this. I don't even play tennis,
I was told it was from over use.