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Its almost 22nd Day since I posted my First message on this topic. Now Here is an Update.

1. As I said I am totally on Ayurvedic Medications, even though the ortho had given me Vioxx and a muscle relaxant, I have stopped taking those tablets.

2.I see my condition has improved greatly from 4days, I am not getting legpains anymore, the only pain is that kind of stiffness in the lowerback and kind of pinching at the vertebra (that too it comes occasionally). But yes I feel some discomfort if I sit for long hours.

3. Need to mention here that I am not on complete bed rest, I go to work (Night shift) on my cranky Two wheeler driving almost 15 KM, and come back home.

4.As I said earlier Planning to get admitted for a longterm treatment (10 Days) using Ayurvedic Medicine, that is scheduled from 25th of this month.

Well Does it seem I am healing now? Are this Ayurvedic Drugs working? Well I will keep posted my developments.