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Quote from pauliesgirl:
I'm new to the board, I came across this board trying to learn something about the pain under my ribs that I've been having, the pain is not horrible, it's lets me know its there and it can get uncomfortable, I get pinching and burning feelings that run from my left side of my ribs, clear under my armpit towards my back.
Well, I went to the Doctors just the other day and he told me that my cartilidge in my rib cage was being irrated, he told me that theres no real cure for this kind of thing and that supposedly this happens to quite a few people and he gave me a prescription for Motrin 600mg and told me that loosing extra weight would help the problem....well, I'm trying to figure out how to exercise while my ribs are killing me! How does one get around that?
Well, that appt. was 2 days ago and the pain is still there...does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can do to minimize the pain? :confused:

Pauliesgirl please give more details about what your doctor said is wrong with your ribs.

I am presently being treated for "costochondritis/slipping rib syndrome" with antiflammatory tablets Vioxx 25mg (I was started on 50mg for the first week.)

Did the doctor mention these terms costochondritis/slipping rib syndrome" in his/her diagnosis?

Right now I cannot exercise to strenghten my rib problem as I got the impression you should exercise after you have healed completely. As you have realized, pain is still there, so how can you exercise! Furthermore, I find resting and relaxing really help.

Do hope you check for replies. I await your response. I started on the board yesterday, seems like we are two newbies reaching out, smile!