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What's the long term prognosis for thoracic disc herniations? Has anyone experienced them getting better with time? I am skeptical at this point since I seem to be getting worse again after receiving three epidural steroid injections (T8-9, T12-LI (x2)). My pain management doctor said he would administer a fourth on next week since the Neurosurgen doesn't recommend surgery yet. Currently, I am experiencing radiculopathy along my left ribs, severe aches between my shoulder blades and deep chest pain. Accompaning the pain are the side effects from the various medications (vioxx, vicoden, doxepin, gabitril), the most frusting of which is insomnia. I do have some weakness in my left arm with associated numbness and tingling. My left leg sometimes gets the old pins and needles as well (this is good because I am not symptomatic of spinal cord compression yet).

It sounds like I was blessed in that my Doctors diagnosed the problem within 3 weeks. My symptoms started 11/14/03 and it was confirmed on 12/8/03 or the thoracic extrusions/protrusions. Now it a matter of dealing with them and trying to work through the pain. Trying to actually work at the same time as going through all this has been a real challenge. Thanks in advance for any information provided.

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Summary from MRI, CT, and Myelogram:
C3-C4 - mild disco-osteopathyic degenerative changes without significant stenosis

T5-T6 - small right paracentral protrusion indenting the right aspect of the thecal sac.

T6-T7 - large central disc extrusion causing a moderate impression of the central spinal cord (MRI). Protrusion indents midline thecal sac causing mild mass-effect displacement on the spinal cord (CT)

T8-T9 - disco-osteophytic degenerative changes indenting the left aspect of the thecal sac resulting in mild neuroforminal stenosis.

T9-T10 - focal right paracentral osteophyte indenting the right aspect of the thecal sac resulting in mild neuroforaminal stenosis.

T10-T11 - small right lateral protrusion causing mild right neurofrominal stenosis.