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I'm right there with you! I'm 16 and I have degenerative disk disease. I have 3 herniated disks and more bulging. They're not offering anything for mine other than Vioxx and physical therapy. I have the extreme pain as well. I have 2 herniated and 1 bulging in my lower back causing leg, butt pain and 1 herniated and 2 bulging in my upper back causing arm, neck pain. I can sympathize with you!! I hope you don't need surgery as that would be horrible for someone of our age. Good luck to you! I'll be praying!
Brattybabe..... i can understand where your comming from. hence my nickname! if u read my signature you'll see whats wrong with me and my next step is surgery, im very sacred cos the word seems to be around here once you have surgery its a long process that is often recurring. have you tried and thing less invasive? How long has all this been going on for? are you on any anti inflamitories? im on vioxx but its not helping but it'd be worth a try.... let me know how you go

* Injured back 12/12/01 at work lifting BBQ's and outdoor furniture.
*Couldnt walk for two weeks
* Went to P/T twice a week
* Went to a rehab hospital twice a week
*Both gave me no relief for 15 months
* Ortho diagnosed me with
- Scheuermann's Disease
- Bulging disc at L5-S1
sent me to see Neuro
* Neuro wants to perform Laminectomy,Discectomy,L5-S1 and fusion with Hardawre.
I'm very scared and unsure whether to go ahead all up ive seen 5 surgeons who all agree with the surgery.