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Sorry you're going thru this - the not knowing & worry can actually set off a pain cycle of worry/pain/worry/pain. I had thought I'd reherniated at 2 1/2 wks post micro-d - pain was worse than before surgery - a new MRI sent to & interpreted by my Doc across the country showed scar tissue/fluid pressing on nerve but no reherniation- but I've since heard MRI's that soon after surgery are inconclusive. Vioxx helped tremendously- along w/not over-doing or sitting too much - & walking w/comfortable shoes on a good level ground ea day. I really am doing pretty good now at almost 4 most post op Micro-D w/heminlaminectomy - but not as good as I think I shld be. I didn't have PT & have heard some Docs say it's great - others say DON'T do it after surgery. Strange there can be such a wide range of opinions amoung Neurologists on that subject!

Altho insurance is a big issue, if your pain has progressed to your legs/feet- I think you shld have an MRI asap. Not to scare you, but you don't want to risk permanent nerve damage IF the nerve is impinged (may even be a different disc this time). ONCE you determine via an MRI what's going on there - you can decide if you have time w/o risking permanent damage- to postpone surgery til Jan. 5 months is just too long to wait to find out what's going on - all things considered. IN THE MEANTIME- are you taking anti-inflammatories w/food to prevent ulcers- & using ice or a bag of frozen peas on your back to reduce pain/inflammation?

Again, sorry for your pain & worry- I sincerely hope it's not reherniated & that you don't have a different bulging/herniated disc either- but I think having the MRI will bring you peace of mind- AT LEAST you'll know what's going on & what you need to do about it.

Much luck to you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Laura :)

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