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As I was continuing my endless search on Jeeves for something that would help me find an answer I came across this site. I am new, so please bear with me.

My story. (I apologize for it being long, but I thought the details might help someone think of something that has not been tried yet)

On 6/25/03 I had car accident. My right shoulder and left knee hurt for a couple days and then the pain went away, so I never bothered going to a doctor. Around Mid August 2004, while doing yard work, a friend of mine was spraying bug repelanton his arms, and unknown to him or I, some of it got into my drink. When I took a drink, I swallowed some of it and spit the rest out.

Within 45 minutes, I got extremley nausious. When I woke up the next morning, my throat was sore and I had completley lost my voice. I went to my doctor, Strep test was neg, so she put me on antibiotics and told me to call her if it continued or got worse. After 3 days I was better, however, I began to have pain in my hands. I was helping a friend remodel a house, so I just figured maybe I was feeling the effects of age.

Within 3 weeks, the pain was now throughout my entire body. Every part that moves has pain. Neck, Shoulders, arms, hands, legs, toes, the pain is constant and sometimes spikes. I went to my doctore, she checked me for lyme, lupus, etc, and gave me more antibiotics and pain meds.

All tests came back neg, and when asked if this could be related to the car accident or the bug repelant she said no. I would have had symptoms sooner if it was related to the car accident, and I didn't drink enough of the repelant for it to do anything to me.

She tried to treat my symptoms with Loratab (didn't work) Vicadin (nada) Darvacet (nope) Percocet (very little releif), after 4 months of percoset, we decided to go the nonnarcotic route. Vioxx, Bextra, Ultracet, Soma, Nothing!

Full bone scan revealed NO Arthritis. Went to a Nerologist, had an EMG, minor carpol in both hands, but nothing that would cause all my pain. Had a spinal tap to test for Guilliam Barre Syndrome, doctor said nothing wrong there. I begged him for an mri, byut he said I didn't need one. After 3 weeks of begging him, he caved. The MRI showed a bonespur at C5-C6 with a slight impigment on the nerve. Mild dessication of L2-L3 disc. Hypertrophy in discs L5-S1. (Prior lamondectomy L5-L4 when I was 15)

Nerologist says this explains some of the pain but not all of it and not to the degree of severity that I descibe. He refers me to a pain clinic. I have 2 cervical injections (They don't help, and the second injection caused my whole upper body to lock up (Another trip to the ER)

In March, I am still without a diagnosis, getting worse, can't work and can't collect disability. Wouldn't be so bad if I was alone, but I am married and we have 3 children. Now I am dealing with major stress as well.

March 25th I get a kidney stone, I pass it 4 days later. I then go in for a Milagram. I take the medication prescibed to me, because i am alergic to Iodine, and STILL wind up getting Spinal Menengitis from the dye. This past june I got another kidney stone, this one was 5mm.

It is now july I still have the same joint and muscle pain, constant headaches, and still no diagnosis.

I am hoping that someone might tell me where to look for answers. My Doctor, neurologist, rhuemotolist etc, all say that there is no pathology for this pain. Fibro was ruled out because my pain is more in the joints then muscle.

I have never suffered pain like this before and in my 22 years in the work force I have never been unable to work due to an illness, so I know something is wrong I just don't know how to find it.

Anything you can think of would be appreciated.

Frustrated, and stressed, but still hopeful!