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I'm putting this here because I can't for the life of me figure out which category it belongs in.

A year ago I went through a battery of testing to determine the cause of:

tingling in left thigh
weakness in left arm and leg
occasional numbness in left arm and leg
severe neck stiffness and pain in the morning
shoulder stiffness and pain (left side) throughout the day
intense muscle pain behind left shoulder blade
pain in left eye
and when i worked out, the thigh and arm problems intensified.
occasionally my left arm would feel as though the muscle was pulling from the bone.
intense low back pain
and a variety of other things i forget now. all symptoms were not always present; they alternated. at least one each day, but usually two or three of the above at the same time.

back x-rays came back clean
mri looking for ms lesions came back clean
nerve testing, muscle weakness, all those tests came back clean.

i had no fever, no nausea, no swelling or redness anywhere, no strangeness at all. no high blood pressure. nothing like that.

after six weeks of various tests with no conclusions, all symptoms basically disappeared.

now it's a year later.

three months ago, i noticed one morning upon arriving to work that my left hip felt stiff. this happened once or twice a week, and only on the way TO work.

then it started happening on the way home from work. then it was every day. then it was whenever i sat still for too long. usually movement worked out the stiffness. eventually, it became both hips - still, movement worked through the stiffness.

i should also mention that during this period of time [this interim year], whenever i would try to work out, the arm/thigh issues would come back to the point that after three workouts, i'd have to quit for months.

so now it's about two months ago, and the hip pain has become chronic, but still - eases with movement. almost always on left side only, but the right would kick in now and then.

present time - now the left hip hurts CONSTANTLY, and feels hot. hurts to the touch, but isn't red or swollen. the right hip hurts about 80% of the time. they get stiff upon sitting, but movement no longer eases the pain - now walking hurts, never mind any sort of aerobic activity.

and all the symptoms from last year are back too, with the exception of the severe neck stiffness and eye pain.

in addition to the hip pain and recurrence of the old symptoms is a strange sensation along the left side of my body, not unlike a deep, deep tickle beneath the skin. from the top of my head to the middle of my left calf, on the side, is this deep tickle. sometimes it tingles as well, and it always feels stiff.

also different now is that i switched jobs and currently don't have any insurance, which frankly doesn't bother me all that much because five doctors were unable to come up with anything.

in the meantime, my lower body has turned to absolute mush, either from the lack of exercise (although honestly, i've gone years and years with no physical activity and have never experienced degeneration this significant or rapid); i'm widening like a pear from the waist down. in the past two weeks, i've gained ten pounds, all in my midsection, ***, and thighs; since i'm not a natural pear shape, this is quite alarming.

i'm also retaining tons of water all the time; three days a week my legs feel tight and hot.

what the hell is wrong with me? ruptured disk? degenerative spine disorder? rhuematoid or osteoarthritis? what?

ibuprofen does NOTHING for the pain. naprosyn and aspirin alleviate it somewhat, but it is always, always, always there. i paid cash for a doctor on monday, who prescribed vioxx and told me to let her know what happens. i haven't filled the prescription.

also of note is that in 2001, i went through a month of accutane. in 2003, i went through four months. the symptoms started prior to the second course, but definitely worsened afterward. i've spent a year wondering if i did this to myself, but i have recurrent cystic nodular acne [currently not present... for now], and it is SEVERE and emotionally debilitating.

i just really do not know what to do.

i'm supposed to get married in february and at this rate, i'm not convinced i'll still be walking, much less dancing the first dance.