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I was just diagnosed with this same condition on Sep. 1. I have only had it since April. I have been seeing a pain management physician for this. He gave me a cortisone injection in between my ribs where they hurt most, and he said I may need another one. The injection was quite painful, but it did help some, but the pain is getting worse again. The next injection would be done under xray so that he can guide the needle deeper without puncturing the lung. I am trying to get the courage to go for this. I may request he sedate me, although he has told me I would not need sedation for this procedure.

The PM Dr. also prescribed vioxx for mr, but at my monthly check-up with my primary physician, my blood pressure had gone up 20 points and he said it was the vioxx so he changed me to celebrex. The celebrex does not seem to be doing anything. Other insaids are out as I also have bad reflux.

Actually I had just described my symptoms here on the boards and many told me it was likely costachrondritis before the Dr. diagnosed me. It seems there are many here on the boards here with the condition.

How are you being treated for this?