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Betrayed, I am really sorry to hear what you had to go through. I know what it is like to love your job, have friends at work and have a social life, and have it come crashing down on you. I was in the process of moving up at my job of 6 years and running the place. I had no choice but to quit. They tried working with me and letting me sit, I can't sit long, I even try sitting to cook dinner and that aggravates my back. I am now lonely and don't get out alot. When I do, I have to think ahead and plan, because if my sister wants me to go shopping, I think about how I will be in agony if I am up too long, or sitting in the car waiting. When I sit, I have to stand after awhile, riding in a car bothers me. I am not sure what type of pain med. or muscle relaxer to ask for, because many seem to bother me. Aleve has helped, vicadin made me sick, and of course they took Vioxx off the market, but that quit doing a thing anyway. Do you know if muscle relaxers help at all? I don't like pain meds., they make me so out of it, I know they can really affect our quality of life, just like ours spines do. I really feel for you too, I know what it is like, thankyou for your input, I will keep plugging along and I absolutely am not giving up on SSD, because I know I deserve it. Thanks