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Hi Krissy! I hope you can find relief soon. I've been through quite a few painkillers. I started with Darvocet, but that gave me headaches and didn't help my back much. Then I switched to Vicodin, but that just made me sleepy. My neuro told me to take Motrin in addition to the Vicodin, but that didn't help either. So I went back to my family doctor (who has known me since I was 7) and begged him for some relief. He put me on Mobic which I understand is sort of an arthritis drug similar to Vioxx, but it seems to help me a little. I also have a portable TENS unit that I got prescribed to me. When it gets really bad, that makes it a little better. I sit at work all day, and sometimes I can't get up out of my chair because it hurts so bad. Or when I do get up, I hobble all hunched over like a 90 year old woman. I hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck! :wave: