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I have a herniated disk at T7-8 with degenerative discs. Mostly just my back tingles -- it's never been so bad that I can't go to work. Every once in a while, I feel like my chest is being squeezed. It's most noticible just at my bra line in the center. I thought it might be indigestion, but I took stomach medicing and the tightness was still there and my back still felt tight. Could this be radicular pain? I asked the physiologist, but he's not very communicative. (He asked if I wanted a prescription, I said yes, he didn't give me one, asked if I wanted surgery yet, I said no. That's about it.) I've been through PT, wore a CASH brace for three months, and though my symptoms are more frequent, the intensity is about the same.

Last summer, my (previous) neurosurgeon told me that I would have to have the thorocotomy almost immediately when my legs/hips started to feel tight -- I was walking almost as if i was rollerblading, and it it almost felt like I was walking with an elastic band around my hips. Has anyone else had this? I've been told that thoracic herniations can cause almost any and every symptom, and I'm afraid that things that are being attributed to my back could have other causes.

My new neurosurgeon suggested that I might need injections, though the psyologist (who is just strange) didn't say anything. I was on Vioxx until they pulled it, and though I'm uncomfortable most of the time, I'm able to get by.

Thanks for the posts -- it seems we're few and far between.