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Hey whitelulu :) I was thinking Celebrex and Vioxx were taken off the market? Do you have a new prescription, or an older one?

He doesn't really like to take medication anyway...he has to be in a lot of pain before he'll even consent to take an Advil.
Vioxx was taken off the market..not celebrex tho.. but they suggest, take only 100mg, or 200mg ( i forget which one..) I dont like to take pills either.. it says on the bottle, take one a day,..... i take when needed, and it helps.... and, i only take it, if its reallllllly bad.., same for my knee... and nothing helps my ribs.. (bah, i dont like taking medicine, yet, ive had to take some kind, at one point, for about all my life,, for all different things.... lol... .

hmm... The only thing the doctor did for me, was give me an xray of my back.. thats it.. What would mri, bloodtests.. etc do/work? Im guessing i should ask him?....
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When he comes home, sometimes he just lays flat on the floor, a position that gives him relief.

That reminds me of myself... heh, but I was on the school floor. :rolleyes:

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SRmom... just asking, does anyone in your family has a history of arthritis?

when i was a teenager myself, the doctor found that I have a form of arthritis that affects the back called, ankylosing spondylitis - ask for a blood test for a specific gene from your local GP.

That's what I was thinking too. I also have ankylosing spondylitis and was diagnosed with it when I was 17. It started by affecting how I was walking - either affecting one side of my leg or the other. After I could no longer walk I started getting all sorts of tests (the not walking part came on very suddenly). The X-Rays didn't show enough, I needed a CT scan, and eventually got to a rheumatologist. I've tried Vioxx, Celebrex and Piroxicam and I'm still not sure if any of them helped. Ankylosing spondylitis mainly affects the sacroiliac joint... I'm not sure if that's exactly where your son is experiencing the pain. You said he plays sports? When my doctor fist heard my problem she was hoping it was just an injury from sports or other activities (which mine wasn't), hopefully your with your son it's something that won't be reoccurring once treated.

Good luck to your son at the doctors :)