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When I asked why the doctors did not go along with what the manufacturers tell them to do, was not what I meant to ask. I didn't actually want to get opinions on the manufacturers and why doctors don't follow all of their advise. I apologize for the brain fog.

I thought I made it a little more clear in the other post wherein I said:

[QUOTE]Shore, I understand why docs are prescribing 8 hrs. as opposed to 24 hrs. I took ms contin way back in 1999 and suffered until the next dose. So I was aware of the possibility that it would not go the full 24 hrs. for me. No critizism toward the doctor for the way he prescribed it last week 120 mgs. q8 hr.

I was just wondering if anyone was taking it that way and explaining where I got the information from.

Well I will be more precise. The doctors are treating us for chronic pain in so many different ways. Some doctors follow manufacturer's advise and actually titrate the patient up to a dose until they get relief and other doctors merely give a dose stating that should be enough for their condition. Some will follow manufacturer's advise in titrating a patient over to another opiate/opioid properly and some don't. Some will give break through meds like the manufacturer's advise, some won't.

So what I meant to ask was if most or all of our doctors prescribe it for q 8 hrs, q 12 hrs, are there any doctors that have prescribed a full dose q 24 hrs, like the manufacturer's advise? Have any of you ever been prescribed your daily dose to be taken once a day?

You keep asking why would I want..... I didn't say I want in any sentence in my post. As far as wanting any false claims? People in high places make false claims everyday. Who wants someone to do that? Vioxx (spelling?) My dad took that and passed away on Jan. 13th, 2 years ago from a cardiac arrest.