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I take Allerga also but have not experienced any problems with it. But like I said before you may have a sensitivity to it. I had started using Vioxx (before it was taken off the market) for only a couple of days when I started with some side effects in my mouth and throat. My doctor told me it was an allergic reaction. Now it was a different side effect that what I had experienced with other reactions I get from other drugs. On the subject of antihistimines I can't take Claritan or Zurtex(sp?)---those two drugs cause me to go wacky.
So stop taking the Allerga and try something else and see if you get a reaction. You can have the Allegra tested by your allergist to see if it is a true allergic reaction. I had a med that I really had to take and it was given to the allergist and they made it into a test to see if I could handle taking the drug. I had so many anaphlatic shock episodes that they wouldn't give me any drugs till tested.