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i would just be really careful about doing this blaster really.there really just isn't alot of info(long term) to really know just how this could affect you in the long run.ya know?one year realistically is not long enough to really know just what the overall effects would possibly be on your body and most espescially the brain with this practice,and over the long haul.geez look how long the vioxx and other meds that they are just now seeing the real affects of on patients who were taking this crap for many many years.you just never klnow with any med we take what the long term effects will be.but I guess if your doc is willing to take this responsibility on,well,who knows.

just be very careful in doing this.i would really make sure that you let those people who are normally arond you know about it when you are actually going to take that 'all at one time dose thing" just so they will be aware of it and can act appropriately should you start to suddenly have a siezure or something.the thought of doing that just really does give me the willies blaster.I hope this goes well for ya.Marcia