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Boo's answer is the same as mine. I was doing fairly well on vioxx and prednazone ( remember years ago prednazone was the standard for years for severe chronic imflamation . Then they took the vioxx away and that is when the as started to get very aggressive/progressive.
Started with Neurologist which was also handling my pain stuff, and he encouraged me what to try. I was scared of op ids and the thinking i would always be on them . He also re stated what BOO did. That there was a difference between dependency and addiction. He told me something interesting my first appointment. That i would never be pain free but i should be able to cope more with daily life, and his goal was to help me achieve the ability to do simple things.
My first attempt with op ids failed. Then doc showed me different methods of trying them and we tried again. The second time worked.
I think back then the first attempt failed because i was scared of them from lack of correct information.
The hardest thing which is still an on going battle is accepting the new me and all the "i cant's but just accepting what i still can do .