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honestly,i do think you did the right thing.this particular med appears to go from one extreme to the other with people.it made me sick too.i kept walking into flippin walls and just try and stay in the middle of a hallway while navigating thru your house.it totally fried my brain too,i felt totally out of it on this stuff.this also for the first time ever,gave me double vision that went up and down,not the normal side to side crap.it was a horrid experience for me too.this also made my kidneys swell up.once i tried this stuff,any other anti S med i have tried now gives me the same type of effects.i have just been assuming it is a problems with my kidneys.i do have PKD so this part didn't suprise me,but i am amazed that you are feeling side efects too with the other types of meds in the same group.that makes me feel a bit better.knowing you are not the only one just helps.

right now,i am not taking any anti S meds til something happens with my kidneys.i do think lyrica did do 'something' to my brain tho.i never ever had any side effects from neurontin way before i had tried lyrica,but after ,as a last resort type thing,i tried neurontin again,bam,the same lyrica side effects just started back up again.the neurontin for me when i took it for over two years never ever gave me any side effects what so ever,nothing,it was like taking a vitamin for me.but after lyrica,well it got ugly for me and i couldn't get past only 200mgs of neurontin when i HAD been at 3200mgs before.thats when i knew the lyrica just had to have altered something in my brain.it was just too weird for words for me to have any reaction from neurontin.

the realy sad thing is that lyrica actually helped my RSD pain and my central pain,and it also for the first time took down about half of the normal RSD swelling that just comes along with ride.and it has stayed this way now for over a year.that particular amount of "normal' for me swelling has not come back since i tried the lyrica.this stuff just had to do something to me to maintain that loss of swelling for over a year now.i just don't know what the heck it is.

so it was a bad/good med for me,but the side effects were just too severe to keep on with it.i think we both must have a sensitivity to anti S type meds in some way.after i went off the lyrica,i started researching it a bit more(should have done this stuff BEFORE??)and i did find out they are doing studies now onthe opthamologic effects and the effects on creatinine levels(an indicator of kidney function),so who knows what will be found out about lyrica down the line.i also had one heck of a bad experience with cymbalta too.but that nightmare is for another day.i have decided not to try any new meds in the near future just because they do not appear to actually agree with me,plus no one really knows just how these meds will be in a few years down the line and what will actually come out of a much bigger population who are now taking this stuff too.should be interesting tho.can you say vioxx?

i wish you luck in fnding something that will actually control your pain without causing you to end up losing your job.keep me posted,marcia