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Hi Cantell, I am using an Attorney my sister had recommended, Richard Wyatt. I have never met him, having done most of the work by phone and through the mail. I now have him checking to see if it is too late to file a Vioxx claim as I have recently been diagnosed with heart valve disease. It is noted in the research that vioxx has been connected to connective tissue disorders as well. So I have a lot going on medical wise to keep my mind off the disability claim. I know worrying is not going to make it any faster. I do hope the wait for you goes quickly. It isn't right that really sick people should have to be submitted to the additional stress of red tape.

And no, I don't think they will have to worry about booking a room for me. I will be so excited if I do get to a hearing date, I may sleep on their front sidewalk to make sure I am early.;) Seriously, I am only an hour away from
Birmingham so I won't be a hardship on the government to buy me a tank of gas or a night at the motel 6.
Goldyfm, you made me laugh..ty :D keep me updated if you hear anything new on a hearing date..I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
I hear you on other things mainly health issues taking up alot of time and worry for you. I am sorry to read about your heart problems. I wish you all the best with lots of healing prayers.
I have never heard of your lawyer but, then again I dont get out much..well not at all if I can whip out an excuse quick enough..seems I am getting good in that department. hubby is starting to whine about it. :( I have never met my lawyer either except on my original phone call..but I do see him on tv drumming up business..LOL
You know I had a precription for vioxx a couple years ago but the pharmacy would not fill it for me something about my insurance would not accept it and had the pharmacy person to call my doctor and get an alternate med other than the vioxx. in like a few weeks after that is when I heard about the vioxx causeing heart attacks. I really hope you have sucess in your vioxx claim and heres to cleaning their clock!! shame on them!! god does work in mysterious ways.
I have really just started putting a journal together on my everyday symptoms and pain levels..I have notes since last year. I am hoping that i can add this to my file when the time comes. I can tell you I am not ammused with having to write down my bathroom business among other personal health issues but that seems to be what they want. my diginity will completely fly out the window when I hand it over to my lawyer.