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I've tried Neurontin and Lyrica.. also tried Vioxx years ago after the first injury. Didn't help, and the Neurontin made me feel strange, if I recall correctly..

I'm on an anti-depressant that I think makes medications act strangely for me. I've been on it for 5 years.. I became depressed in high school, senior year... right after the first injury (Because I was always in pain and had to miss out on a lot of things I wanted to do.. and spent so much time in physical therapy and at doctors, doing exams and tests on me).. and I haven't been able to get off the medication yet, even though I don't feel I need it anymore. Even when I cut doses in half, I get horrible withdrawal symptoms like these electric shocks in my brain.

I think if I wasn't taking an anti-depressant, the other medications I've tried would act differently... although anti-depressants are also prescribed to certain people for pain treatment.. Hmm..

Ladybug, I was taking 4 Tylenol 4's a day for the past... at least a year and a half almost? Luckily, I still had some of my prescription left even after I was denied getting them that following month.. so I cut them into halves, and just took one every once in a while to help with the pain and to make not having any be easier on my body. I felt kinda bad for a few days, but that was weeks ago.. so I don't feel the withdrawal anymore :( Just the pain.