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I will just fill you in on where I'm at med wise, as you may have got the wrong idea last thread. (Also I didn't know that I shouldn't talk about any holiday or the problems I have with people who do not understand how difficult it is to live with chronic pain) but anyhow.

For 2 weeks now I have been on the 50 micro gram/hr Durogesic patch (fentanyl) and Lovan 20mg anti-depressant in the morning and Endep 50mg at night.
I also have been taking 1000mg SR Naproxin and thought that if I could I would cut that in half because of the negative feed back I have received about anti-inflammatory medication in general.
I was taking Vioxx for 18 months before that was taken off the shelves, and then Celebrex for about 12 months before changing to the SR Naproxen.
The Naproxen has definitely worked for me, but I feel that if I can cut back on the dose I will have less chance of damaging my stomach and liver etc. But that is only from the information I thought was correct. I don't really know for sure which of the med's I use is most harmful to my body.

So I have had a lot more pain relief with the patch I am on now and will give it a month to see how it goes before making any other changes.
I have not had to take any of the Endone since being on the 50 patch but am using Paracetamol when needed. The doctor prefers that I use that rather than any oxycodone or codeine and I save the endone for emergencies because I don't know if I will be able to get any more. In 5 years I have only been able to get 3 scripts of 20.
So I am home now and plan on taking it pretty easy over the next week so I can see how well I really am. It is easy to distract myself to the extent that I get lost away from reality and hide from how and who I really am.