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very interesting post...

Over the past few months, I have read so much on this board about Ultram, that I decided to take myself off it. From what I can gather, it is much worse that the Lortab that I am on (to come off of)....so, last time I went to the PM doc, I just flat out told her that I am scared to death of it...and I told her why.

She said several of her patients are concerned for the exact same reasons. She did say that the drug was good and had positive benefits, but she was aware of many (especially on the LA formula, which is what I was on) had serious problems-other than the "normal" withdrawal symptoms and she could understand me not wanting to risk that...since I had been on it for a short period of time.

I slowly weaned from Two 100mg ER a day....it took about three weeks..and I did experience some of the symptoms you guys have mentioned. And, about week 2 totally "off" the med, I hit a depression...it was not fun. At all.

Today, I am much better and the depression and such is no more....however, in trade, I suffer in the pain dept, since the Ultram was a constant in my system. But, when I weighed the options, I decided that if the Lortabs aren't cutting it, I could always go onto another LA med...one that won't mess with my brain when I stop taking it...I mean, I KNOW there are withdrawals to any med, but there is a difference in RLS, explosive poops..(you know the rest)...and feeling like a crazy person.....in a depression so low you don't know which way to turn. Anyway, I am having back surgery this summer, so I am giving it my best shot to make it on the Lortab until surgery...then, if all goes according to my master plan...I will be pain free, therefore med free!!!

So please pray for my master plan..... :)

In closing my essay (LOL...sorry) I do know that Ultram is all that many have to help with their pain. So many docs are scared to write the "heavy stuff"...but this is what I think is kinda silly.....

They KNOW the "oldies but goodies" work....they know what situations they are and arent' safe in because they have been around for a long time. However, some are scared to Rx them cause of addiction...so they give us the "latest and greatest" thinking addiction won't be an issue...then BAM! They find out that not only is it an issue, but that it is a bigger issue than the "tired and true!" Or they find that these new meds cause all kinds of crazy stuff...like the whole Vioxx debaucle....so, why not just Rx the stuff that works...and if not abused..won't kill us??? I am so thankful to have a doc who sees things this way....now if we could only get a LA version of hydrocodone..we'd be doing good!