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I tried bp twice, once in my early twenties and mid-thirties and both times my blood pressure skyrocketed and went down within days of stopping them. I wasn't on any blood pressure meds at the time. The only birth control pill that I tolerated without raising my blood pressure was a new pill called Yasmin. It has a bit of a diuretic in it. I was on it for 6 months before my pressure went up, and in this case I don't think it was related to the pill. I just stopped it in January and was taking it for perimenopause too. I was not on it with bp meds. I now use a Vivelle patch instead of the pill. I think there are less risks associated with it because it is in a patch form and is not taken by mouth and doesn't have to pass through the liver. By the way, how did you tolerate Cardizem? Did it have side effects? I took one dose and couldn't sleep all night feeling my heart pound in my head...these side effects are unpredictable. Good luck.