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Hello all,

O.K. here's the scoop. When I last went in to my doctors visit he noted that my bloodwork showed a 100 glucose after a 12 hour fast. Now theoretically that is really not bad as blood glucose generally will run in the 80-120 range. But he just noted it because when I had had my blood work done previously it was 85 or so. So you are looking at an approximately 15 point increase. Pre- diabetic?
What I dioscovered and the doctor failed to say or know is that Atenolol will raise glucose levels. This really threw me so I tested it. One night this week before bed I took my glucose and it 99 before bed. Fine. Now this was at about 9:00 PM and I was going to eat nothing and just take an Atenolol before bed because of a few palps I was feeling. Worked great. BUT in the morning I retook my glucose and it was 104! It went UP! And the only thing I took was my Vytorin and Atenolol!

So I let 1 day pass, went back on my Cozzar and Verapamil and eliminated the Atenolol.
At 6;00 PM I had an enourmous plate of rice with vegatables and turkey sausage for supper. Should make sugar go up because of the rice being a starch like potatoes. Anyway, 4 hours later I checked glucose and it was 96, my wifes was 185 BTW as she is diabetic with pills,! This was around 10:00P.M. so I went to bed with no Atenolol and when i checked it in the morning it was 90!
Soooo....Atenolol was actually a culprit in raising my glucose levels by about 15 points and I do not like that.{{{mad}}} Apparently it can also inhibit beta cells in the pancreas interferring with proper glucose levels.

I have now just relegated Atenolol strictly to a once in awhile med on an "as need" basis, only to be used on the occassional palpitation which come and go from time to time, sometimes occuring every couple of months.

It appears as though all Beta blockers are suseptable to raising glucose levels. In a diabetic I do not think these should be a med of choice, unless, of course the doc knows about it. (My opinion)