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Hi, i have noticed over the past few months that I can feel my heartbeat all over my body even in my legs(mostly the left). I can see it in my chest and stomach and can feel it all over. When I lay down and put my head against the pillow or couch I actually feel my head moving (bouncing, pulsing) to my heartbeat. feels like I am just rocking back and forth just when i sit down normal. I can feel it all the time it never goes away. I had a holter montior which showed a rapid heartrate throughout the day so I was put on corgard for the heartrate and high BP vytorin for high cholesteral. this hasent helped at all. I have been on these for over a month. all my blood tests are normal. I am going back to the cardiologist on thrusday for another bloodtest. I also had a scan of my abdomen which all checked out fine. Could this be anything else??