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I Have taken Procardia 60 mg 2 times day for 20 yrs. My heart doctor retired and now I have a new doctor.
He is changing all my meds and I am concerned since I have had quadruple bypass about 6 yrs ago.

He changed me to Lotrel and zebeta, I also take vytorin. Should I take them both lotrel and zebeta at same time and should it be morning or evening? I have to take the vytorin 10/80 at bedtime. He also put me on protonix althought I don't have acid reflux but the reason he changed my meds is because I started having alot of trouble with my stomach and chronic constipation plus I have a 48% blocked artery again. He said the procardia will cause a blockage in stomache and arteries after a time.

Can anyone give me any infor on these meds and when to take them?
Thank you