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I have been searching and searching for something on tics and came across your reply. I have an 8 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with adhd by a pediatric neurologist. She has been on focalin, adderall and now vyvanse which really seems to be helping. Last year at this time in 2nd grade she had almost all F's. This year's report card was mostly A's, a couple B's and one C. Wow, what a difference. Anyway, she has had some form of mild tic since she was around 3 or 4. It never really was much more than an annoyance to us because it didn't bother her at all. They have become worse over the last year or so and really bad over the last month. She throws her head back and some times hits her head. She picks at her nose to the point that it bleeds. she makes a fist and hits her chin so that her teeth clang together. Anyway, the neurologist didn't seem to think too much of it and that they come and go. However I called him last week and told him I was afraid she was going to hurt herself. Well now she is saying she is cursed (thanks to all the Halloween shows lately) and she wishes there was something to take the curse off her so she would stop doing these things and that her chin is sore. Short story LONG, he prescribed Guanfacine and I have been struggling with starting her on it over the last several days. We were already reluctant to put her on ADHD meds and now to have her on 2 is hard to take. But since I read your post I feel a bit of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. He prescribed 1/2 tablet 1 hour before bedtime so I will start her tomorrow and I pray that it lifts her "curse". Thank You!