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Rudiraven I sooo appreciate your response. I am also anti meds unless absolutely necessary, however, I have tried the things you have mentioned but I see a lack of confidence in Erin....we encourage making lists and writing things down and I have bought all sorts of things to encourage organization. Thing is, nothing really seems to help. She seems overwhelmed with the clutter and tries to keep things in order but to no avail.

I have read on the ADD board some adults that had such low self esteem when their ADD went undiagnosed and untreated and how once they were on the right meds that all improved. Her grades are great as you see but I do worry about her self esteem and confidence. As a mom, we always want to do the right thing for our kids and I worry that by not treating the ADD I may be holding back on her feeling more confident and less overwhelmed with a cluttered mind that if medicated could make all the difference in the world.

On the otherhand, I still worry about "upsetting the applecart".:)

Paige ~ I have heard that the Strattera is a good one as well as this new one called Vyvanse which is a non-stimulant and with minimal side effects. Thanks for the heads up.....after one of the hospitalizations Erin was placed on Concerta (the doctors perscribing it more for her ) but since the antidepressants triggered the mania she was taken off of it until they could get her BP stabilized. I was told that in many cases when the BP is treated the ADD symptoms are taken care of as well, however, in Erin's case that doesn't seem to be the case since she still exhibits inattentiveness, impulsivity, poor concentration and disorganization.

I am still in LIMBO....we could wait but if we are going to start something I would much rather see how she does with it BEFORE starting school so that I can monitor things a bit more closely.

Still confused and weighing in on the pros & cons.:confused:

~ Goody :angel: :wave: