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I have a 16 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Bipolar NOS/ADD inattentive type a little over a year ago. She does exceptionally well in school (has a 90 weighted GPA) but is upset that she lacks concentration with reading, is disorganized, forgetful and impulsive at times doing things without thinking about the consequences.

The pdoc said that we should focus on treating the Bipolar first and in many cases once you do so the symptoms of ADD are taken care of as well. She is pretty much stabilized with the Bipolar and I would hate to upset the applecart but do see her struggling with reading and disorganization to the point that it may be interfering with her self esteem & overall confidence. She works two jobs during the summer and seems to be doing well so I am really unsure as to whether we should even bring this up with her pdoc since I would hate to add another med that may alter her overall stability with BP. I know that Strattera & Vyvanse are less apt to induce mania due to their non-stimulant properties so I would think that she would have little probems with either of them.

The question is....to medicate or to leave things be. Any suggestions???

{Also....as some of you may already know, I have an 18 year old daughter who recently scheduled a pdoc appointment to get herself some Adderall which she admits to using in college. My 16 year old is not asking to be medicated but if we are to do so it would be to everybody's relief if we chose something that is less apt to be abused since we do have those concerns.}

Thanks ~ Goody :angel: :wave: