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dextroamphetamine. it is basically the stimulant that is found in many adhd medications. i know what he means about changing your personality. it kills a little bit of your spirit. i thought that "vyvanse" was much better and i really liked it. i am not qualified to suggest any medications but i do encourage you to discuss it with your doctor. no, i'm not a drug rep. i am a cop who recently found the key to treating lots of problems that I battled throughout life. i wish that i had been diagnosed twenty years ago. listen to your son. there are other medications that can offer the same benefits and fewer side effects. keep him active in the process of finding the right medication. he may find it to be empowering and not feel like he is being forced to take something he doesn't want. he may also resent that he is realizing that he actually needs the medicine. it can make you feel a little defective to have a diagnosis and take medicine. good luck ! ..... ms1