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the insurance company is giving me the run around with my script for vyvanse 50 mg x 2 daily. i've tried the 70 mg x1 daily but wore off too soon. they will approve adderral xr 20 mg x 2 daily but it didn't work as well for me (yes, i know they are nearly identical but i had more side effects) the co$t of the vyvanse is a bit much for me now so i was wondering about the daytrana patch. i think it is just transdermal ritalin. i've never tried ritalin. can anyone relay their experiences with the comparison of the above-mentioned treatments before I embark on a 30 daytrana trial ? and does anyone know the doseage comparison to vyvanse 50mg x 2 (= adderral xr 20mg x 2) but what about daytrana mg ???
many thanks ! ..... ms1
okay. i'll give a tentative answer to my own question since i am currently trying the daytrana. the adderral time release (20mg x 2) was not as effective for my mood (depression), motivation, energy, and i found myself grinding my teeth more. it was better than nothing but not a great fit for me. the vyvanse (50mg x2 daily) is good for mood, energy, and motivation but made me hyper-focused and unable to concentrate with any sort of real comprehension. i found myself spending 40 minutes trying to figure out the best place and way to mount my car GPS system (which has a suction cup for the window by the way) but I was getting inventive. when i was reading i was really in to it but then i would notice that i was reading bottom to top and right to left (i know, weird). i dont have any learning disabilities so this was very strange. multi-tasking was out of the question most days. this wasn't the case in the beginning. it was great. the biggest reason i switched was that it effected my speech (stutter/stammer/pause) and the rebound effects made me SCATTER BRAINED ! don't get me wrong, i am not anti-vyvanse. believe it or not i would definitely go back if the daytrana doesn't cut it. what doesn't make sense is that vyvanse and adderall are basically the same from what i understand with the exception of how it is processed, it becomes d-amphetamine. the adderall does have "inactive" amounts of l-amphetamine so that is the only thing i can identify in the difference of effects for me. and finally, daytrana -- the methylphenidate (ritalin) patch. it stays stuck until i pull it off. energy is subtle but good (not speedy but awake). motivation is what i would call normal -- not hyper-focused but able to decide to do something productive and then do it. depression/mood is fine. and it seems to keep working until i pull it off ( most of my days are at least 16 hours). keep in mind that i have on the daytrana for two whole days so it is premature to make any decisive recommendations but we'll see and i'll post in the future with my experience as it relates to the comparison between the drugs. ..... good luck, ..... ms1