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hello, i have a bit of a dilemma. i have a herniation of L-4,L-5 that effects the nerves down my legs. i know.... nothing unique. my issue is that i am incapable of taking narcotic pain meds right now (opiod based ) as prescribed. therefore, hydrocodone, etc ... is not a good choice for me. does anyone have any suggestions for the pain ? it stopped for three months after I stopped the hydrocodone and fought through the withdrawal (again). the left leg was always the problem. for some reason, the right leg/ hip/side of back are killing me !! does anyone have any suggestions for a non-narcotic, non-opiod, anti- likable medication that helps w/ pain. i am taking cymbalta 60 mg, aleve x 2 , and tylenol for pain. ( i also take daytrana 30 mg patch daily ---(first day )---- i have been taking vyvanse 50mg x 2 a day for 3 months) it's not cutting it, i'm struggling but i'd rather be in pain than actively addicted again ..... i'll lose my family. i'll try anything at this point except narcotic analgesics. everyone says trazadone is the answer but I am scared because there are plenty of postings on the recovery site (where I originate from on the board) who are abusing, or trying to stop abusing trazadone. What now ??? any ideas ??:confused:..... ms1