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U.S. doctors got this thing about Dexedrine. Very few are willing to prescribe it. If "right here" is Canada you might not be aware of that. Actually, Adderall contains 4 amphetamine salts. My cynical old brain thinks three of those salts are there to give the d-amphetamine a certain nastiness so no one will abuse Adderall. That "certain nastiness" is how Adderall got itself banned in Canada for awhile. Too bad the extra three salts did nada to reduce Adderall abuse. Well, now they got Vyvanse, dextroamphetamine wrapped yet another way. Vyvanse supposedly can't be abused but somehow got itself a Schedule II rating anyway.

One thing for sure: Shire gets about 2 hundred for a month's worth of Dexedrine wrapped as Vyvanse while all the other guys only get about 50 bucks for the same thing less the wrapper not to mention they can't get doctors to prescribe their much lower cost product. Packaging works wonders, does it not? They should put a pink bow on Women's Vyvanse and a blue bow on Vyvanse for men. Hell, that should get'em another 50 clams min-a-num.


Shire is upping the tab on Adderall XR to get doctors to prescribe Vyvanse because Shire's exclusive on XR is about to expire.

If you can get Dexedrine, do it.