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Ok so yesterday I got the IUD called Mirena. I have read a lot of horror stories about it but also many success stories. I was originally interested in the Paragard and did soooo much research on both but it scared me more about the intense cramps and long periods with really heavy bleeding. Plus, Doctors don't use paragard that much anymore since women prefer mirena. I truly believe that all women are different so I thought I would give Mirena a try and if I didn't like it then I would have them take it out. I was a little nervous going in but my sister had hers put in last month and no complaints except cramps right after. She likes it and told me not to worry, she's the best at calming me down. Also my awesome boyfriend stood right there with me and held my hand the whole time and stroked my face. They injected me inside with a numbing agent and then 15 minutes later put the iud in, it took a few minutes but it wasn't painful at all with it being numbed and all. I was like, "i feel great, i'm good to go! when can we put this thing to the test?" lol, but the doc told me to wait after my period ended.

Ok, so after the whole procedure, I felt crampy, but my mood was the same. Take into consideration that I am a unique case, I suffer from anixety and depression from a sad childhood and tmj but ever since last month when I started taking lamictal and vyvanse I have become a different happier and more stable person, I felt like I got my life back and the pain from my tmj has lessened because I am calmer and don't freak out and stress as much.

Anyhoo, getting back to the IUD. I don't feel any horrible pain except the cramps were pretty bad last night. Just like having a really bad period. I don't feel any changes in my mood yet, but if there were to be bad side effects they could develop in their own time. I feel positive about this. I'm not really scared because its the estrogen in the pill that made me act crazy and feel horrible. But there is no estrogen in this and very little hormones that are just supposed to circulate in your uterus. But hey, you never know, I could end up hating it. I am not having any expectations and taking it one day at a time.

If anything changes good/or bad I'll post. I know there are a lot of women out there (i used to be one) that weigh their decisions on the experiences of others. I hope this helps someone who is curious about getting and IUD.