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Thanks for the response. I'm currently trying a new drug called Vyvanse. I'm sure the doc is getting some sort of incentive for prescribing it. It's mostly used for ADD. Reports are showing four times more side affects than Adderral but it's still being experimented with. My side affects are stupidity, forgetfulness, disorientation, jitteriness, self-consciousness, paranoia, zero appetite and zero sex drive. Other than that, it's been a fine drug... lol.

Seriously, the stuff does keep me awake, holy cow! I have to take it very early in the morning or I won't be sleeping until at least midnight. I've easily decided, though, that this drug isn't a good idea for me, and will suggest to the doc on my follow-up the meds that you are taking.

My insurance doesn't cover meds for narcolepsy. Do you know the monthly cost for the ones that you're currently taking? I'm on a free montly trial, but from what I've read on other forums that the cost for Vyvanse is around $150.00 per month. Thanks, Chris