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Hi. I have a TSH of < 0.004 (low end 0.34). Started on PTU 1 week ago and am ticked off at my GP. He has not given me a referral to an endo yet. I've left several messages this week.

A little history: 37 yrs old, no vices (other than books & chips!) unable to conceive for 1 & 1/2 yrs. OB/GYN measured T4? and it was on low end? in 1/05 but not enough to blame infertility on thyroid. Became pregnant last July and miscarried in August. We are still broken-hearted over this.

I had my right ovary in July 08 because we found out it had turned into a smooth muscle tumor, then my world was turned inside out (more).

About a week later I had an acute onset of depression (I thought it was anyway) and ended up in the ER room because they thought I might hurt myself. They found a low TSH and told me to have it rechecked.

My GP checked only a TSH even though I asked about the FT3 and T4 being done. Got the result and he wanted to put me on methimazole. I asked for PTU because of the baby thing. He did finally draw for baseline FT3 & T4 at least. Still waiting on those #s!

I have all the classic HyperT symptoms but then last Saturday I was lucky enough to visit the ER again because I felt a HUGE pressure on my chest and felt like I could not get enough air. ER just said I was hyperventiliating. NO ONE could explain WHY I hyperventilated. Is this a problem with HyperT? I didn't think it was T storm so soon even though I have not been faithfully taking PTU every 8 hours.

I have always been a healthy person aside from not fitting in the insurance weight range. I lost 25 lbs in 40 days too. My brain goes on strike ALL the time now.

My head hurts, my throat is sore, my lower chest/upper abdominal area hurts. My pysch had put me on Cymbalta, Vyvanse, & Atenolol during the day and trazodone & ambien to sleep. This is all before the TSH was known. Thought all the symptoms were because of depression. They helped make me feel more human but I STILL feel crappy and I hate it.

I feel like all they want me to do is take drugs! Can you help me get my head clear of this?
If I have a TSH <0.004 and "normal" FT3 & FT4 then is it subclinical hyperthyroidism? I really appreciate you all for replying :). I feel better when I read your posts. I still have yet to get a referral to an Endo.

The staff keeps telling me that my file is on the MDs's desk :rolleyes:. When he called to tell me that my TSH was low, I asked about testing my other values. He actually said "Isn't a low TSH enough of a diagnosis?" The funny thing is that I work in a veterinary office and we frequently see hyperthryoid cats. The DVM I work for asked about the antibodies and all the things that should have been run. I wish I could have him draw my blood and send in for a thorough thyroid panel! We perform better labs on our four-legged patients then I am getting. You aren't kidding when you say MDs are mechanics.

I asked him about continuing my beta-blocker while starting PTU. "When your HR is back to normal then you can stop the atenolol" How do I know when my HR is normal if I stay on the beta-blocker? I think I will stay on it because my HR was consistently over 100 bpm and my BP was >140/95 before I started the betas.

I also can't fall asleep unless I take my trazodone. I've having weird dreams too. Is this part of hyperT? I had a melt down at work on Monday. Sat in the bathroom crying for 5 minutes. I sure feel like I am becoming mental :bouncing:.

Then on Tuesday, my pysch upped my Cymbalta and Vyvanse so I could feel human again & function. He also gave me a 'script for Ativan to use as needed. I think I needed it on Monday! I see my future full of these drugs until I can get into an endo. I don't want to be on them but it seems to be the only way I can function.

As far as a pregnancy, each month I am afraid I could become pregnant and am terrified about the dangers to a fetus with the meds. I may have to go back to some type of contraceptive until I can get back to normal. By the time that happens I may not have any non-shriveled up eggs left! The thread suggested by MG helps me see some light but as I turn 38 I have to wonder if I have to choose between this crappy disease and a child.

MG, when you say your health has been unfavorable recently, is it due to the hyperT? I hope you & your husband can have your second child. Thanks again.