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ADD is confusing to me. I am a person who beleives in not taking medication to solve problems. My mother and sister are bi-polar and ADD. I have watched them take medicine for years and it doesn't seem that it helps. In fact when my sister takes her medicine it seems she is in a fog.

I moved back in with my parents to help them out. Four months into it they sat me down and had a serious talk with me. They were concerned because I am always doing at least 7 things at one time. I walk around always in a hurry BUT never accomplish anything. I have been in the process of organizing for four years, Ha Ha! But everywhere I go there seems to be clutter around me.

So I listened to them and went and got on Vyvanse. Now I get things done. It didn't really stop my mind from thinking of my to-do list with 10,000 items on it though. The problem is I started on 30mg, two weeks later, I was back to my oldself. Then I was put on 40mg, twp weeks later same result.
I really don't want to increase the mg. It just feels unhealthy. Also, the strange side effects I have. Obviously, I don't eat as much now and do not get enough sleep, but I have no desire to exercise, eat healthy, or quit smoking. These things are usually very important to me. So maybe I'm on the wrong medicine. I have talked to my doctor but her answer is to increase the mg. Just wanted to see if I could get some feedback