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Posted by Graem Ward, Plymouth, England

In 1990 my wife was admitted to hospital with dvt's and multiple pulmonary emboli. She was diagnosed with Cold Agglutinin disease. She was put on 'warfarin' to prevent furhter clotting and 15mg of folic acid to stimulate red cell production. She remained stable for 10 years.

In February 2000 she had an ablation and pacemaker implant. By the end of the month she was suffering from acute haemolytic anaemia caused by aggressive cold agglutinins. It took several months, many blood transfusions and the cautious use of 'chlorambucil' to get it under control.

This year she had a repeat of the problem and condition is now unstable.

Does anybody know if SHOCK, TRAUMA etc. can exacerbate this condition?

Cold Agglutinin disease is a very rare condition in the UK so information is hard to find.