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Hello just Mandy here calling all of you knowledgeable people: I was wondering if you could help. I am writing on behalf of my Mum she has Hashi’s underactive; as I do, which most of you know (diagnosed in August last year). My mother has had an underactive thyroid for twelve years now, but did not mention it to me on many occasions until I got diagnosed; she now says that her underactive thyroid is the least of her problems. But I have told her that this may not be the case; as I have learnt a lot since joining this board, but yet still not quite enough. My mum has begun to understand what a serious disease Hypothyroidism is, she did not know nothing. But now I am helping her to learn.

I asked her to find out her Results from the doctor’s tests, I thought I could share them with you, in hope of some help.

The results are: Free T4 20.9 (Range 13.5 – 22.5)
TSH 3.17 (Range 0.4 – 4.54)

I live in the U.K so do not know the “Free T3” results as we do not have that test done. Unless we go private, I get confused though, I know that the higher the Free T4 the better; but the “TSH” confuses me, I read some peoples post’s and they say that the TSH is irrelevant because of the different amount of anti-bodies that attack the thyroid on certain days. But others say that you feel better under or around the 1.0 TSH level mark? Could you enlighten me please?

My mother is very disabled, by this I mean she is house bound. She has had Diabetes Type 1 for many years now; she got diagnosed with it after being diagnosed with her underacitve. She takes many different medications for various different diseases she has; medications such as, Warfarin, to thin the blood as she has blood clots on her lungs, of course Insulin for her Diabetes and obviously Thyroxine (200mg) for her underactive, along with many other medications for different diseases.

What frightens me is that her legs and feet are very, very swollen and I do not know what this because of, or a symptom of. Not only this, she has a very croaky and Horse voice when she speaks, but finds it hard to speak, at times it is like she has lost her voice, she says it hurts sometimes when speaking also, she has had this for over a year now, and the doctor has not done anything about it, he has just blanked it? I was wondering whether increasing the Thyroxine will stop or ease these symptoms because she will have a lower TSH, but if the Thyroxine is raised then will this not raise her Free T4 levels over the LAB range. Furthermore, she has other pains and symptoms she has Diverticulitis and unnatural sleeping, where she just falls into a deep comer where it is hard to wake her up, she will just drop her head and fall asleep, this happens when she is watching the TV or on the phone ect. She also gets very out of breathe and tied when just walking to the toilet and back which is a mere 15m away from here, just along the corridor, could all of this be symptoms of other diseases?

Please help Thank – you