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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]Please help, I feel so low and tearful, my health justs keeps getting worse....After already having a spinal disectomy/decompression/CFS leak/injections/paralysis and recently a DVT....I've now found out I need further spinal surgery!!!! My L5 disc is degenerating fast, and needs to be removed, which this means a fusion as my L4 has already been removed.I have to wait 3mths until my DVT is totally dispursed and my blood level remains stable, as I'm on Warfarin, as my surgeon feels its risky doing it beforehand. I've now got to have a nerve/muscle test done (this Sat 29thJuly), which I've heard horror stories about! Can anyone please tell me what this involves and does it hurt? and also how long after a fusion, are you able to be up and about? I've also got a stress about moving as my home isn't suitable for me as i'm in a wheelchair and find stairs a bain of my life! I don't know what to do for the best...Move first then surgery or have the surgery first????Any advice welcome....I feel i'm just exsisting and not living. I'm nearly 33 (in 2 weeks time) and don't feel I have much to celebrate. I can't do anything with my son who's now on school holidays and find things are frustrating me more as the days go by. PLEASE HELP, I need some friendly ears and advice from people who understand what I'm going through.:( :( :(
PGChic, Sorry you continue to have problems. Warfarin.. my boyfriend was on that for Afib issues. That is nasty stuff.

I can't speak to the nerve tests. I had a discogram which was horrific as I was not sedated or given anything to ease things going through it.

If it were me.. I would either move first, or have somewhere else to recouperate that does not have a bunch of stairs right off.

I am 14 weeks fused at L4/L5 now, with Infuse BMP and hardware. I was in the hospital 2 days. Was up and down my stairs of my home at day 4. But was very limited for the first 4 weeks and then added more from there. I went back to work (paralegal) at week 7 part-time and worked up to full-time. PT started at 8-9 weeks and is still ongoing.

There is Always friendly and understanding ears here. We definitely understand you completely. This sounds silly, but celebrate that you are alive, you have a child to love and there WILL be time when you CAN celebrate. I have two children (which my docs told me NOT to have because my back was so fragile), so I truly "walked the talk" on that one. You will more than likely have to postpone it for now is all. Good times are ahead of you my friend. More patience must be found within you and kept there. It's really hard.. I know. I have had my own pity party from time to time.. but I dont allow myself to stay there for long, as I know it doesnt help me get well, and then those around will begin to feel it too. So I dont go there often and I keep to myself or come here and vent it.

Your son will be in school shortly and that will free things up on that end a bit. Until then, can you rent movies to watch together? I did that with my kids when I was not well enough to physically do things with them. How old is he? Can you play board games, card games, electronic games, read to him? I don't know how old he is, so sorry if these things are beyond him. There are tons of things to entertain him and just be at home together.

I sure hope that you find a little mental relief and lower your stress level a bit. The mind is a powerful tool and you need to try and take a deep breathe and get the mind back in power again and it will help you make better sound decisions on how to plan what's ahead.

I wish the very best for you and please let us know how you are doing. Take care.. Tammy:wave: