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Although Zetia is not a statin, it is a cholesterol lowering medication. A warning issued by Health Canada (from a letter sent to them from Merck, the maker of Zetia), Health Canada includes the following information. ....post marketing reports of musculoskeletal events including myopathy, CPK elevations, and rhabdomyolysis. In addition, hepatitis, pancreatitis, and thrombocytopenia have been reported. These events have been noted with exetimibe (zetia) when used as monotherapy..... Also doctors believe that there is not a need for liver tests while taking Zetia, because Zetia is not a statin. This is not true. There should be a liver test. My mother could not get her doctor to do a liver panel, until my sister went with her and gave the doctor the Merck letter. As usual the doctor was arrogant. She told them she would do a liver test to make them happy, but there was no need too. Four days later they called back and said for mother to stop the zetia and welchol immediately because of elevated liver enzymes. Mother promptly told them she quit immediately after seeing her doctor. Finally mother believes the reports about cholesterol medications...it has taken us 5 years to convince her that her doctors are not well informed. As the people at the statin study are showing (and numerous other experts) these are not adverse reactions from the medications, but the artificial lowering of cholesterol. It does not matter if it is a statin or not. By the way mother is now in a wheelchair because of cholesterol lowering medications. If there was a medication that was helpful, I would be all for it...but cholesterol lowering medications are not them.