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i agree, i don't think the post was intended to bash parents who have a child that medically, mentally, emotionally need to be on a drug, so chill. i was taking my 7 y/o encopretic son to a counselor to see if his behavior had any bearing on his chronic constipation, after alot of long silences and a few hmmm mmmm's, my son is diagnosed as depressed! voila, he needs to be put on wellbutrin. I DON'T THINK SO!! my 5 y/o was diagnosed with inattentive add, he also has learning problems, language delays, but is of average intelligence. if we give him a trial of low dose ritalin and he responds, even though i don't wish for him to be on drugs, i will allow this. it's a tough call all around. i also have to say that i do not believe in the feingold diet, thought elimination of food colorings is probably a good thing.